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Or if you live in Europe, pop over to Morocco for some of the best off-road riding. CNN Sans & 2016 Cable News Network. Full Name Charley Boorman Occupation Actor and Television Personality Nationality British Birthplace Wimbledon, London, UK Birth Date Aug 23, 1966 Age 56 Years, 5 Months Co-creator of Documentary Series 'Long Way Round' with Ewan McGregor Charley Boorman | Biography Child Actor in Film 'Deliverance' The Perito Moreno glacier in Argentinas Los Glaciares National Park, which rises above turquoise glacial waters. "I did the Dakar Rally (10,000km from Lisbon to Dakar, Senegal) in 2006, which is one of the most dangerous off-road races in the world and broke both my hands. The TV journeyman and professional biker tells Hannah Stephenson about some of his most hair-raising moments, Horror crash: Charley is back on his bike after a horror smash last year. That's very confidence-inspiring riding the canyons on an electric bike, as we both found out here riding in LA. Charley journeys in a circular route starting and finishing in Cape Town, experiencing the deeply rooted Long Way Back is an account of Boormans recovery, and also the story of his life, touching on his dyslexia (he takes great pride in having a literary agent), the death of his older sister Telsche from ovarian cancer at the age of 38 in 1997, and his own loss of a testicle to cancer in 2010. But I did perfect the wheelchair wheelie with a lot of pain. Youre sort of ready for it to end. The trip, well-planned as it was, does not get off to an easy start, owing to unseasonably cold weather (it was the worst winter in since 1994 this time last year), as well as the trial of using vehicles that had yet to be tested in such conditions. Related: 2021 BMW R1250 GS & GS Adventure. He is still close to his father, who is 84 and walks with sticks: when Charley was on crutches, they looked like twins, he says. It was six months before I could walk on one leg. They just got back in the car and drove off. It's a different way of thinking but it's totally doable in America. And our bikes were being charged directly by the sun., In the end, after three months on the road, both men were ready to end the trip, though Boorman says, You always talk about the possibility of another one, so youve got that in your head, so its not so bad that this ones finished., Theres an arc, these trips that weve done, says McGregor. The Facebook posts appear to show the bikes are clearly being ridden off pavement, and it doesnt look like theres knobbies mounted on the rims (yet). So we had to sort of do all of our testing and learning on how to manage that battery system while we were doing the trip in sub-zero temperatures. Shots posted as recently as September 14th on the Facebook fan page Long Way Everywhere appear to show Ewan and team on the road with the Livewire bikes, charging them up as they go. The original broadcast dates in the United Kingdom were: In the final pages of the Long Way Down book, there is a mention of "Long Way To Go"; however, this is not the intended title for a third series but a reference to the continual support that UNICEF needs for its work. During the trip, the pair visited three UNICEF facilities to promote the work done by the organisation. Didn't think you were that famous? 2023 Cable News Network. Overview: For his first big project as state vet, Danny oversees the relocation of an animal. See our review policies for more information. And we had to do all of our training on a trip because our bikes were prototypes and they were delivered at the very last minute. They had pretty much changed their whole fleet and they wanted to show me. Moped narrowly avoids 70mph train at level crossing, Tom Sizemore: The Hollywood hardman who fell from grace, Calm weekend will turn to freezing as snow and ice warnings issued, Hong Kong activists convicted over failure to comply with security law, Actor Tom Sizemore dies after career tarnished by scandals. Billy Ward. Apparently, after completing two epic motorbike adventures, the two felt they needed an additional challenge. EW: Well, that's never happened before. lovely story.. and Charile is an awesome guy! The book abounds with bikes trashed and accidents endured, including the time Boorman rode 400km in the Dakar Rally with broken hands. The final leg took them through Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and into South Africa. He has a deep passion for and vast knowledge about JDM cars. A bike tour with my wife. I broke both my legs, broke and dislocated my right ankle and smashed my left tibia and fibula. You can plug the bike in and it's going to give you more than 100 miles in town and you just have a go. It's a dangerous hairpin trail on this treacherous road and I went up in winter. I'd had a lot of surgeryboth my legs were smashed up, my right hand had broken bones. Each bike weighed about 505 pounds. I was overtaking a car on my motorbike when it clipped me, sending me careering into a wall. And they just did. Ever wonder what it's like to be riding with Charley Boorman? Having ridden with Ewan McGregor all the way round the world, and on an extraordinary trip through Africa, he is now taking on Canada, South Africa and the USA. He then broke his hip riding a Vespa whilst still in recovery. I was just coming back from the bathroom and he was sitting in my chair chatting up my wife. However, the pair undertook the journey on fully electric motorcycles, something which had never been done before. This time, McGregor and Boorman are making it even harder on themselves, taking a pair of electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycles transformed into dual-sport adventure bikes and a pair of Rivian RT1 electric pickup trucks from Ushuaia in the southernmost tip of Argentina, up through South America, Central America, into Mexico, and ending in Los Angeles, California. It took 10 operations over two years and a year and a half to start walking again. This documentary series follows actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on a motorcycle trip around the world. Charley had just returned from a Compass Expeditions I love them all. From Kenya, they rode to Uganda and then Rwanda, where they had an audience with President Paul Kagame. S02E01 Cape Town January 9, 2013; Channel 5 (UK) Charley begins in Cape Town and abseils from the EW: It'd been over 12 years since we did The Long Way Down, our trip down through the African continent back in 2007. Theyre already talking about making it harder. I love the fact that they ride bikes. Id love to see the Dakar but I would just want to race it again, so I better stay away. wBW providessubjective opinionsand information on hard-to-find and unique motorcycling products. according to a post on popular off-road riding site ADVPulse. He also did a follow-up to the show in 2009 called 'Right To The Edge: By Any Means' where he traveled from Sydney to Tokyo following the Pacific Rim. When he came to rest, as he casually puts it, my leg was all flippy-floppy, bending in the wrong places and if you're if your daily commute is less than 100 miles, which let's face it, most of us don't ride more than 100 miles a day on our bikes. Whatever is happening in north Africa has nothing to do with whats happening in southern Africa. I get in trouble with her for silly things - but I can't talk about them. Boorman Jr is great fun and wonderfully unstarry, whether remembering Lee Marvin (a fun, really talented guy, and quite mad) or recalling the years he spent as a painter and decorator to make ends meet. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Charley is a much-loved and frequent visitor to Australia where he leads Outback tours with Compass Expeditions. 2. We *truly* wish him all the best and are hoping for a full (!) Then I was in a wheelchair for ages. She likes riding (pillon passenger) too, after she start doing it, the first time with me. Its to do with the freedom you have.. I really hope Charley and Ewan do ride together soon in another adventure. LONG WAY ROUND -- Pictured: (l-r) Charley Boorman, Ewan McGregor -- Photo by: Sven [+] Arnstein/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank. I realized we share something that I dont share with anyone else. When James isnt riding motorbikes, he can usually be found reading or writing about them. Take a LiveWire around your city and youll just have such a laugh. In June 2015, McGregor indicated that the long-discussed South American trip was still at the planning stage, but he expected that an excursion through Baja California Peninsula would take place first. She was cooking every meal, and bathing me, which would do my head in, Boorman says, but she is a saint, my wife, incredibly practical, and just gets on with it.. The riding I like most is a mountainous bit of tarmac through the forest. He had shattered his left tibia and fibula and broken his right ankle and wrist. With that one, I don't remember anything. The title song was performed by Welsh group Stereophonics and is identical to the Long Way Round theme, with the lyric "round" replaced with "down". We have a series of challenges throughout our lives. The bone came out of my skin. In 2016, Charley met with a serious accident when test riding with motorbike journalists in Portugal where he broke both his legs. A year ago, the 50-year-old who started out as a child actor in his father Johns films and gained a second bite at stardom on television as Ewan McGregors motorcycling partner in the Long Way adventure travel series suffered a horrific bike crash. Was smiling and joking before he seen the needle!, And: Awaiting return from surgery. That was my therapy, to get back on the motorbike. Id love to ride with (princes) Harry and William. Essentially the bottom of my leg was hanging off, only held on by the calf muscle. I consent to allow Adventure Bike Rider to collect my contact information (required), Charley Boorman confirms the Long Way Up will take place within months. Electric bikes are brilliant. Ive ridden quite a few and a friend came along on the recent (Compass Expeditions) Tassie tour on a Zero (electric motorcycle). WebLong Way Round: Created by David Alexanian, Charley Boorman, Russ Malkin, Ewan McGregor. Boormans first thought when he was told he might lose his leg was: Well, at least I can still ride he knows an amputee stunt rider who uses a magnet to keep his artificial limb on his bikes foot peg, you see. He also has a penchant for all things F1, occasionally catching up on WRC. In Uganda, they met former child soldiers of the Lord's Resistance Army and saw the work being done to rehabilitate them. As with their previous trip, and Boorman's Race to Dakar, Russ Malkin's company Big Earth produced the series. That was the case for Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, who ended their last biking adventure 13 years ago at the end of the Long Way Downtelevision series. This path of chargers on the route still exists, and its our Long Way Up legacy. I just recently completed a 5000 km ride through South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia with Charley Boorman. More importantly, the pair hopes the show will give people a new appreciation for where electric vehicle technology is at this moment, and the kinds of eco-conscious adventures that are already possible in far-flung areas of our increasingly fragile environment. Please send Charley your best wishes via Twitter. Charley will be leading a pack of Adventure Within the first three episodes of this series, the duo visit: Parque Pingino Rey in Tierra del Fuego, Chile, at the tip of South America. McGregor's wife, Eve, who learned to ride only for the journey, joined them partway and took several falls on sandy terrain in Malawi and Zambia, apparently without injury. Long Way Uppremieres on Apple TV on Friday 18 September. And for real adventure touring, EVs add a whole 'nother dimension to it. How do we get someone more interested in EVs and becoming a better eco steward while still being, you know, a total degenerate biker? You could just keep riding your bike not knowing where you're going on forever and If it wasn't for the people that you love at home, that would be an interesting way of life. It's such fun to ride and they are so fast. I wish you all the best, Charlie. Ahead of that, The Drive had a chance to talk to McGregor and Boorman about their trip. WebWild at Heart Season 6 Episode 4. TV presenter and adventurer Charley Boorman, who motorbiked around the world with his pal Ewan McGregor for the series Long Way Round and Long Way Down, has had plenty of scrapes in his time. They rode their BMWs through Belgium, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, a large portion of Mongolia and Russia, the Road of Bones, Alaska, Canada and finally, the U.S.A. Harley-Davidson provided them with their prototype LiveWire motorcycles that had a range of around 146 miles with its 15.5-kWh battery. The Long Way Up production crew hooked up with an electric SUV startup, Rivian, to supply new prototype pickup trucks designed to take on every terrain. Probably if theres a villain to be named in this epic saga, it is the search for power to keep both e-bikes and vehicles properly charged between stops. That meant electric bikes (Harley-Davidson supplied prototypes) that could withstand myriad environments snow, ice, altitude, wind, rain and very few charging stations. Thankfully because of Charley's accident, that meant he was housebound for some time, so whenever I was in London, that meant I was able to see him. (The places these two bunk overnight, at least in the first three episodes, are hardly five-star. Ewan McGregor, besides being an actor, has been an activist and the ambassador for UNICEF UK since 2004. After many years as a BMW ambassador, I was approached about five years ago by Triumph Motorcycles. Id also have loved to have ridden with Barry. Boorman, who hit the road with Ewan McGregor in the Long Way Down and the Long Way Round, was left in a wheelchair after a horrific crash in Portugal in February last year. It was sort of like a dream come true., Boorman recalls riding by a solar farm in Costa Rica and knocking on the fence to ask to check it out. I broke both legs, which is why I ended up lying in bed for three months. They also decided to travel with medic Dai Jones, cameraman and security officer Jim Foster, and various "fixers"local guides and interpreters. He underwent gruesome treatment in Portugal and then in London, and doctors feared he might lose the leg. I think its too difficult and expensive to get your licence now. And then we just got used to it and we began to understand how far we could go and how far we could push the parameters and you kind of like all of our trips, eventually you just settled into it. A Warner Bros. After being released without charge, he took a later flight to Inverness, and the journey began as scheduled. The new bikes featured a 2-cylinder boxer engine, a six-speed gearbox, and generated 109 horsepower with 89 pound-feet of torque. With Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman, David Alexanian, Russ Malkin. He smiled and nodded his head. Discovery Company. (One quick note: this interview has been edited for clarity, and it's also a lot better when you read McGregors copy in his Scottish burr.). John thought acting might help his dyslexic son to express himself. It appears he will be tagging along on this ride as well as he appears with McGregor in one Facebook image. Bikes, cars and trucks all race at the same time. And because the Long Way Up route terminates in Los Angeles, where McGregor lives, his 13,000 mile journey ended on his own driveway. I think people are very dismissive. Personally, I got into a pretty bad wreck years ago, outside of Mugello on a Ducati and since then, I've kind of had the yips whenever I got on the bike. It could generate 105 horsepower, 86 pound-feet of torque, and had a top speed of 110 mph. You hear stories about the horror crashes of the Dakar Rally, which is a long 16-day race, and about people getting lost in the desert, and they're all true. During this time, he got an acting job on The Serpents Kiss in 1997, where he met McGregor, and they talked about bikes, because thats what bikers do, and cooked up the idea of a 19,000-mile, two-wheeled journey from London to New York that became 2004s Long Way Round a TV series, book and DVD. Not just get on a bike again, but go basically 13,000 miles on an electric motorcycle? However, given the pairs typical journeys through distant lands where it might be a challenge to find gasoline or food, let alone a Level II electric vehicle charger, its suspected the sprinter vans might be ferrying generators for the Livewire bikes, which will need to top up about every 100 miles under favorable conditions. The result is my recent book the Long Way Back. He has his own YouTube channel where he posts videos on motorbikes. WebHome / Uncategorized / charley boorman accident south africa 2018. santos executive team. I remember having the door open and contemplating whether I'd have to jump. You seemed genuinely surprised that everyone knew who you were. Every 20 minutes, you were just about to crash. If I'm at work or I'm sitting there between takes, or I am sitting in my trailer or whatever, I find myself daydreaming about a ribbon of road coming at me from somewhere. After visiting the pyramids, they boarded a ferry to Sudan, continued into Ethiopia and then into Kenya, where they crossed the equator. The support team with the production crew followed them in custom-built Rivian R1S all-electric SUVs. Talking about the uncertainty of keeping the bikes charged in these remote places, Boorman recalls a story about getting this amazing charge out of a very dodgy plug in a youth hostile. With the right planning, of course. It is a follow-up to the Long Way Round of 2004, when the pair rode east from London to New York via Eurasia and North America. Boorman admitted he had been "putting on a show" for a roadside garage and braked sharply as part of a maneuver. I love Africa and returned last year to guide a tour, but I felt quite vulnerable dabbing my feet off road in case I broke my legs again. The bikes had a 1,130cc engine and a six-speed gearbox that was good for 85 horsepower and 75 pound-feet of torque. 1:41 PM EDT, Thu September 17, 2020, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman take on a 13,000-mile e-bike journey in the Apple TV+ series, "Long Way Up.". Well, that's easy, that's a no brainer. Its been more than a decade since Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman rode triumphantly into Cape Town at the end of a journey that saw them travel the length of Africa on their BMW R 1200 GS Adventure motorcycles. Can you change the seat? A division of A07 Online Media, LLC. In the DVD extras, while preparing the bikes for cargo, Ewan McGregor refers to a possible future trip in South America, perhaps called Long Way Up. Learn more about us. I've crashed a lot in the past. I have earphones in them and I can listen to podcasts and books. That makes it very complicated and I dont understand how people are so tribal about it. The first trip in the series was shot in the year 2004, when they set out on a 19,000-mile journey from London to New York City on BMW R1150GS Adventure bikes. Im too stupid to be anything other than open about my life. Then we got Russ and Dave our two producers and partners and then Russ floated the idea of maybe going electric and that was it really. When it's extremely cold, you know, the batteries don't perform as well. But, in February last year, Charley was involved in motorcycle accident while in Portugal for the launch of the Triumph Tiger Explorer so bad that he almost lost his left leg. Your effort and contribution in providing this feedback is much The two pals are back for their third globe-spanning motorcycle adventureand we sat down with them to talk about it. But it was fun and everyone was very fun and very respectful and it was nice. You'd be doing 100km an hour on this dirt road on your bike and suddenly this truck would come past you at 130km an hour and leave you in the dust. He didnt see the funny side. In fact, I borrowed (wife) Olivias scooter to go to the shops because I couldnt change gears with the cage around my leg. Im slightly deaf in one ear from riding and have a bit of tinnitus. Once youve been around the world and down its length on a motorcycle, there really isnt anywhere left to go but up.So it goes with Ewan McGregor and Charley The two friends will travel through such places as Siberia, [7][8], On 27 May 2020, it was announced that the series Long Way Up would premiere on Apple TV+.[9]. So we had to bring them inside, where it wasn't actually that much warmer, so we also had to put blankets on top of the bikes to warm them up and get them charging again. He was last seen starring as Obi Wan Kenobi in Disney+ original series Obi Wan Kenobi in 2022. Im working away from home on average about five to seven months a year but my wife knows Ive always travelled, even when I was doing films. Charley, besides being an avid motorcycle enthusiast, is an actor, TV presenter, and travel writer. Im lucky enough to have a few. Rivian also installed charging stations along the more desolate parts of the route. You can watch a snippet of my interview with Charley below, and you can read it in full in issue 59 ofAdventure Bike Rider magazine, out now and available to buy from our online store with free UK shipping. Talking about the sights along the way, and what really stood out for them on this particular journey, McGregor sites the landscape of the Atacama Desert in Chile as spectacular, and he goes on to talk about getting to see Machu Picchu. We turned the corner on this hairpin and just hit black ice. We need to be a bit more friendly toward each other and look at what the cycling industry has done with their lobbying. That was a dodgy one. WebInspired by their UNICEF visits to Africa, they knew they had to go back and experience this extraordinary continent in more depth. Enjoy this party classic with an updated RT twist - fun for all the family! The series was added to Apple TV+ on 18 September 2020 along with the first iteration Long Way Round (2004) and sequel Long Way Up (2020). How the Rivian pickups are involved is unclear, but they would certainly jibe nicely with the EV theme of the new show. It felt like my whole body had been jarred. The road through the Calchaqu Valley in northwest Argentina. Then Ewan was in town when I was in town and he came over and stayed for a while and we started talking and as Ewan said, we had kind of drifted apart a little bit, just because we're on different sides of the pond. WebDoubleTree by Hilton Cape Town, Upper Eastside Hotel will once again host Charley Boorman for this years Motorcycle Adventure that begins and ends in Cape Town, South Africa. He was appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2013 for his outstanding contributions to the world of dramatics and his charity work. I do owe quite a lot of thanks to him for that.. Billy writes on his Twitter account: CB had accident today in Portugal @ Global launch of Triumph Explorer.In hospital but OK. Besides the 'Long Way' series, Charley has been actively working on his own projects. In Malawi, they visited care centres for children orphaned by AIDS. Charley (50), the son of acclaimed film director, John Boorman, is on the mend and back on the bikes, but here the journeyman recalls some of the scariest moments in his life. I don't want to give anything away, but one of the funniest moments of the trip as a viewer was that time in Ecuador when you basically couldn't leave a restaurant because of how many people wanted to see you. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. No, not THAT twist. The team travelled from their base in Shepherd's Bush, London, to John o' Groats at the northern tip of Scotland to begin their journey. Ewans always had a loose relationship with Moto Guzzi (hes currently an ambassador) so theres no conflict there. Me and my father (our whole family, actually) have been following Charleys adventures for a decade+ now This accident is HORRIBLE news (omg!) The start was nearly delayed after Boorman, frustrated by an official at Gatwick Airport, made an off-the-cuff comment regarding bombs and was detained for questioning. Were also starting to do short tours to Spain with The Bike Shed, mianly on hipster bikes like the T120s and Thruxtons. All good. As I approached I heard him say, So, Olivia, youre a beautiful girl, do you want to come to Australia with me?. Actors, best friends, and lifelong motorbike enthusiasts Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman are perhaps best known in the automotive community for their 'Long Way' series all 3 of which you can watch on Apple TV+ of long-distance motorbike trips across various continents. Okay, not Yorkshire again. I said can you give me a hand? and she just shook her head and said no. In 2016, Charley met with a serious accident when test riding with motorbike journalists in Portugal where he broke both his legs. Its great to have both, weve had a lot of fun on petrol bikes as well but your every day going bike when you live in a city has got to be electric now. Did you encounter any technical issues? Weve joined selected affiliate programs which will allow us to place advertisements for select motorcycle and motorcycle-related product retailers on the site. I usually go back the way we came with them so they can experience it as well. Ewan McGregor: Really once you've experienced that sort of adventure travel like weve done, it's sort of in you. [1] They were accompanied by the same key team members from Long Way Round, including cameraman and director of photography Claudio Von Planta and cameraman Jimmy Simak (who also oversaw music supervision and soundtrack production), and producers Russ Malkin and David Alexanian. McGregor and von Planta also came off and damaged their bikes' bodywork, with von Planta involved in the more serious incident on a motorway in South Africa. What we hadn't realized is how much the weather actually affects these electric vehicles. WebEwan McGregor, Charley Boorman, Robert Uhlig (co-author) It started as a daydream. ), We sort of looked at each other, and walked away, and thought if were quiet, theyd keep on charging. This kind of thing happens a lot in a Long Way Up. . Couldnt think dont do it. And then theres the charging. Hopefully just riding dirt bikes with mates. I was just unlucky because if you break one leg you can continue to walk on the other one, but I broke both and I was in bed for five months. By all reports, the Triumph ambassador has had surgeryin hospital and isdoing OK. In one of my classrooms when I was at school, there was a poster of Machu Picchu. JAG: The crazy part was it wasnt only the bikes, you guys had the Rivian pickups too. What do his doctors think about that? Their daughters - Doone and Kinvara, 21 and 20 are both at university, but Doone also had to be flown home last year after breaking her jaw on a skiing trip. We looked to the back of their car and there was this young guy smiling at us with a gun in his hand and he was pointing it at us. You've got apps that let you know as soon as you get three-quarters empty, you just hit a button and it takes you to an EV charger you can fast-charge easily. Boorman was then badly injured in a motorcycle crash in 2016 but eventually recovered. Im one of the founding members here and ever since we started weve been trying to get people active about issues with We Ride London. You can unsubscribe at any time. Ive ordered a nurses uniform always wanted one. It is a follow-up to the Long Way Round of 2004, when the pair rode east from London to New York via Eurasia and North America. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made.

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