It is tricky, I know, but the fact stays. Iceman has significantly increased sustenance due to his ability to Barrier himself. Passive ability grants her healing equal to 15% of her Max Health and increases her damage by 10% per Charge. Coulsons ultimate applies Offense Up on all S.H.I.E.L.D. Her price is 45 shards currently available in Premium ORbs, Mega Orbs, Beta Raid Orbs, Blitz Orbs and Blitz Supplies. Star-Lord is a charismatic leader who generates ability energy for allies and distracts enemies. Without a doubt, he is one of the best protectors in the game at the moment! Villain, Cosmic, Bio, Controller, Kree, Minion. In a full Black Order Team, he is in possession of all Infinity Stones and can enter Empowered state that significantly empowers his abilities. I even think that Doctor Doom will have a greater impact on the game than Ultron. A.I.M. Since he needs to stay alive as much as possible he should be equipped either with Fortifier ISO-8 class to increase his survivability or with Healer class to increase the overall sustenance of the entire team. In War Defense She-Hulk also permanently increases the damage of self and all Fantastic Four allies by 30%. Kingpin is a Protector who supports his team with Offense Up and Defense Up. Simultaneously, Adam Warlock places Safeguard on all Infinity Watch allies. His second skill inflicts blind to the primary target and 3 other random targets and additionally applies Slow to two random targets. S.H.I.E.L.D. teams in AW Defense, some Ultron combinations, etc) This team is META again and we changed its position for a few places. At the same time, Marias ultimate attack all enemies causing up to 350% damage on each enemy and heals all Skill allies by up to 35% of Marias Max Health and all non-Skill allies by up to 20% of her Max Health. Inhumans may be the counter for Hydra teams because Black Bolt can prevent revive and he is especially good against summoners like Red Skull, but I doubt that any other team will be able to deal with them easily. His first skill delivers heavy damage with increased critical chance and additional Piercing damage. Iron Mans ultimate inflicts enormous damage to a single target. This team can beat any other combination in Marvel Strike Force except Inhuman/Phoenix combination. team is the most powerful team of all minion teams in the game currently if we talk about the offense. Breaking down all the new characters and reworks for MSF Patch 4.2. Passive ability grants her and all Hero Brawlers 20% increased Max Health. Rocket Raccoon is very strong Blaster and should be unlocked as soon as possible because he has multiple roles in every game segment. If the target has Defense Down already, Swarm attacks it for the third time causing medium damage and places Slow. The full X-Men team is META for any attacking segment in the game. His first ability inflicts moderate damage to primary and adjacent targets and places Slow on each target with 1000% increased Focus. Medic has a 50% chance to heal a most injured ally and apply 2 Regeneration (1 regeneration if an ally is not S.H.I.E.L.D.) Squirrel Girl is an average Hero who will boost up the power of some Heroes that were avoided earlier or used in other custom teams. allies. You will probably have to revive Phoenix but it will pay off in the long term because in this way you will lose less healing packs than if you used some other available teams. With recent improvements, Taskmaster will place his debuffs and utilities almost always regardless of enemy Resistance and his Focus. Toad has also up to 50% chance to gain Assist Now on each Brotherhood allys turn and whenever the Brotherhood ally is taunting he receives +1 Offense Up, up to a maximum of 3. Nick Furys ultimate grants him Offense Up for 3 turns and summons up to 3 S.H.I.E.L.D. Other than that he is just another Controller in Marvel Strike Force (similar to Graviton without A.I.M. His special ability steals up to 30% of the single enemys Health and grants Yellowjacket Evade and Regeneration. Keep in mind that her damage output is doubled against slowed targets meaning that she has a great Synergy with Quake, Karnak, Graviton, etc.. High power Asgardian team will provide you it at least 1 Defense victory so it would be wise to upgrade all Asgardian members to Tier 13. Villain, Cosmic, Mystic, Controller, Asgardian. In Raids, Jubilee places Offense Down for 2 turns on all enemies, as well. Shield Maiden of Asgard, Sif combines counterattacks and Taunt to protect her fellow Asgardians. Also, she has a special synergy with Black Widow meaning that she can be successfully used along with Red Guardian, Killmonger, and Punisher even before other Skill Military Heroes are introduced (current Skill Military team with Black Widow is probably better for Alliance War offense than Defenders, Avengers and Wakandans who must be dissembled if you want to use Yelena and Red Guardian). Jessicas ultimate hits the primary target for 300% of her base damage and clears positive effects from the enemy. Also, Kree Oracle has a passive ability which grants healing to all allies who receive additional ability energy (Kree allies receive additional healing). Most importantly Siver Surfer and Polaris together will be an unsolvable enigma to anyone who opposes them. We all know the Mercenary Trait was almost useless before but now some characters like Bullseye, Mercenary Lieutenant, or Mercenary Riot Guard can be pretty useful especially in Alliance War Defense. Players can also support Scopely by purchasing their expensive offers . Black Widow is a stealthy saboteur who steals enemy advantages and delivers disabling attacks. Her special ability infuses all Wakandan allies with Defense Up, grants them 1 Charge up to the maximum of 5 and grants 1-2 ability energy to 2 random allies and 1 random Wakandan ally. Mercenary Lieutenant cannot be summoned by Kingpin. Lady Deathstrikes ultimate causes up to 280% Piercing damage against the primary target after which it chain rebounds to up to 4 adjacent targets causing the same damage. The problem of this team is the lack of any AoE which could be problematic if you want to use them constantly. This character cannot be summoned by Nobu. Her first skill inflicts medium damage and clears 2 positive effects from a single target. When an Astonishing X-Men ally drops below 50% Health it fills Beasts Speed Bar by up to 30% and grants him Ability Energy. Ronan the Accuser is a Kree fanatic who purifies his allies and denies the abilities of his foes. Cyclops price is 100 shards currently obtainable through the Raid store. Using Minn-Erva in this team restricts you from using her in some other combinations so in worst case scenario she could be replaced with Kree Oracle buy then you will not be able to prevail against some teams that were beatable before. Longshots ultimate assassinates the primary target for up to 550% damage with 50% increased Critical Chance. His price is 310 shards obtainable only through Nick Fury Legendary Event (5 Kreee characters with 5 stars). As a pure damage dealer, Bullseye needs a Striker ISO-8 class to reach his full potential. Team Positioning When it comes to positioning your team in the game it is always advised to keep your taunting character or tank at the edge. At the first glance, it may seem that Falcon is not that good because his damage output is mediocre, but in the right team (Power Armor) he can be very deadly, especially in Alliance War, against all enemies who rely on buffs. Only that fact would improve H4H significantly but SHang Chi has also amazing offensive capabilities which allows him to literally tears apart everyone but full Infinity Watch . Human Torch is really powerful but his might can only be seen when he is in the same team with Namor and other Fantastic Four Heroes. However, Vision still can be used in many other team combinations so it might be a waste to use him in this team. Sharon Carter has amazing synergy with Kestrel, Maria Hill, and Captain America (Sam). Jessica is also capable to provide her allies additional resistance from her passive ability. Since she is a Brawler, White Tiger along Moon Knight can be combined with Young Avengers as well which makes her more versatile than most Heroes in current META. In my opinion, the other 2 members of the Sinister Six team should be Rhino and Shocker. However, when Multiple Man is combined with other X-Factor he draws away attention from them giving them enough time to generate an impenetrable Barrier that should be strong enough to grant the victory against almost any other team composition, especially in Alliance War offense. Additionally, Colleen is granted up to 3 Deflects, and her damage is increased by 30% piercing damage for each Hero for Hire in the team. If her allies are not from Infinity Watch and Adam Warlock is not in the team she clears 2 negative effects instead and places a barrier equal to up to 10% of her Max Health. Sam Wilson is a cunning Secret Avenger Protector who protects and boosts his Secret Avenger and Skill allies. I am not sure if is better to use Supernaturals in Offense or in Defense but one thing is certain Supernaturals perform extremely well in AW Defense. Aside from Sinister Six synergy, I cant see many uses for Electro but that doesnt diminish her in-game value since the progression of the game made that every character is useful only in certain synergy, and especially since her Base damage is one of the greatest in the whole game. Hydra Rifle Troopers price is 15 shards and he is obtainable through blitz supplies, blitz orbs, milestone orbs, and premium orbs. Mercenary Riot Guard is a tough fighter who draws fire and reduces incoming damage, Villain, City, Skill, Protector, Mercenary, Minion. Orbs. Prefers to team up with Groot. Spider-Man Symbiotes price is 180 shards which were obtainable through login Events but now he is available only through Milestone Orbs.. Also, when Magneto is his ally all enemies whose HP is under 50% are infused with Heal Block. In Raids all of them gain additional 40% Resistance permanently. To increase Negasonics Attack even further she should be equipped with Striker ISO-8 class. She is specialized in defending the Helicarrier. His second skill inflicts heavy damage to primary and adjacent targets and additionally inflicts bonus piercing damage if the target Blocks. To further increase her Critical Chance Kree Reaper need the Raider ISO-8 class but she can be equipped with Skirmisher class as well if you want to make sure that her debuffs will b placed. The first option gives the team healing and buffs, while loading Killmonger with charges. Passive ability enables him to prevent all enemies killed by Black Bolt from reviving and applies Disrupt clearing up to 3 positive effects at the same time to the target which summons additional enemies. Hero, Cosmic, Skill, Protector, Asgardian, Galactic Warrior. Ebony Maw is powerful and important only in the Black Order team but his special and ultimate ability can be used with all other Heroes especially in Raids. Sabretooth is a savage, regenerating brute that shreds single targets and chains to additional enemies. Killmonger is a lethal assassin who drains health from enemies and eliminates weakened targets. Originally trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. Chewburger84 is back breaking down Squirrel Girl and her new friends! Hero, Global, Tech, Blaster, Avenger, Power Armor. Her ability to place Offense Up on all Power Armor allies before their second turn is the fuel that moves this team forward and makes them more powerful than the majority of other teams when we talk about AW Offense. Because of Disrupt, Phoenix will not be able to apply Stealth on Ultron making him vulnerable to Ability Block from Vision. . She and All TECH allies gain up to +40% Resist while she and Power Armor allies gain up to 15% Maximum Health and up to 15% Armor. Permanently bounded with the Venom symbiote, Spider-Man brutally takes down foes while powering up his Symbiote allies. Vision is a synthetic being that avoids enemy attacks and disables his foes. Nevertheless, this flaw does not make him less important because, without a doubt, he is the most important Hero in MSF at the moment. His passive ability grants him Speed Up when an enemy dies and at the start of each combat. Combined with other Kree minions he forms a formidable team that will grant you certain victories in all game segments except Arena. July 9, 2021 July 9, 2021 legal suite requirements bc on msf taskmaster team order. Shuri is a legendary Hero for a reason. Scarlet Witch is an Avenger Mystic Controller who harasses her enemies with various negative effects while redistributing allies health at the same time. Power Armor team was already one of the most potent teams in Offense because of a players ability to decide when to use several powerful AoEs that are otherwise wasted when used by A.I. Currently, Storm can be obtained through Premium Orbs, Milestones Orbs and Mystic Forces Rising 2-3 Campiagn missiin. His first skill inflicts heavy damage and clears up to 2 positive effects from the target. Additionally, he heals the most injured non-summoned ally for up to 10% of his Max Health while clearing Heal Block at the same time. Doctor Octopus ultimate attacks all enemies causing heavy damage and flips 2 positive effects into negative prolonging the duration of negative effects on each target by 1 turn. Her first skill inflicts medium damage and grants her up to 2 Deflects. His first skill delivers medium damage and applies Slow on the targets. I am not 100% certain that Hydra Offense will be strong enough to prevail against S.H.I.E.L.D of the same power and I cant corroborate that they can counter Mercenaries with Taskmaster but they will grant you 1 certain victory in every Alliance Was without a doubt. Jessica Jones is a Defender Controller who provides her allies with additional energy. With this team, you will be able to win against much stronger teams regardless of team composition and you will have problems only against custom Ultron teams and much stronger Asgardians in the Alliance War. The Supernatural team is now the force to be reckoned with and Elsa Bloodstone is in the center of that synergy. However, Domino cannot be efficiently combined with any other team combination aside from X-force. Ms. Marvels ultimate causes medium damage to all enemies and provides her with a 40% chance per target hit to generate 1 Ability Energy to random HERO ally. Okoyes price is 45 shards which will probably be obtainable through Okoyes Blitz and later via Premium and Mega Orbs. She is not expensive and her price is 45 shards obtainable through Mega Orbs, Premium Orbs, MKraan Orbs, and Arena Store. The passive ability grants her +300% Focus as long as she is under the effect of Deflect. Also, her chance to trigger a bonus attack on the end of any Hero for Hire turn, ignoring Taunt and Stealth, is risen to 100%. Besides that, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing can use all their skills on the lowest health or highest damage opponent during the entire battle and regardless of Taunt and Stealth, not to mention that both of them have amazing skills and that even Iron Fist can ignore Taunt and stealth in AW defense. Before triggering this ability Yelena gains up to 2 Stealth up to a maximum of 3. allowing you to assemble another S.H.I.E.L.D team for Arena Offense or Defense. Her second skill does not hit that hard but always Chain to up to 2 adjacent targets and fills her Speed Bar by 100% on the kill. Some people even think that the X-Men team more benefits if you totally abandon Wolverine. Passive ability grants Toad a significant Dodge Chance and fills the Speed Bar at the start of combat by 15% per Brotherhood ally. Mordo is a Mystic Controller who harasses his enemies with cunning attacks. Obviously, he will come as a replacement for Storm but it is questionable if he is actually more useful than her. A team made of Doctor Doom, Invisible Woman, Black Bolt, Thanos, and Ebony Maw does not have a counter and will be META for a long time. She will definitely make brawlers team (Ms.Marvel, America Chavez, Spider-Man [Miles]) viable for different game segments including raids but until FoxNext releases the 5th member of the Young Avengers it is highly unlikely that Squirrel Girl will be important for the overall game balance. Dark. It will be tricky to find 5th member of the Heroes for Hire team until we get another Hero for Hire but until then the obvious solution is to remove Silver Surfer from the X-Factor team and to add him to Heroes for Hire. Korath and Captain Marvel duo enables you to assassinate chosen target before the enemy starts playing and Mordo is a decent debuffer who heals himself when someone dies (including summons) which is ideal for this team. With all buffs from the Helicarrier and with She-Hulk who significantly increases the damage output of the entire team and provides much-needed protection that was lacking before, Fantastic Four can now be a problem for all but the best synergy teams. On the other hand, depending on the rest of them tam, the Striker class could significantly increase the damage output of Dagger and her team. If you are dealing against the Supernatural team, be sure to kill Dr.Strange first regardless of the fact that Ghost Rider will punish you. It is still early to jump to conclusion but this team has everything they can heal, they can cleanse, they can debuff like no one else and they can punish. Additionally, 50% Focus is granted for her and all Shadowland allies. If not then she should use Skirmisher class regardless of fact that her Focus is already maximized by other skills. However, since she will be primarily used in War Defense where she will have maximized Focus for all abilities it would be wise to give her Striker class while letting Colleen place Vulnerability with her constant assists and counterattacks. Hand Assassin is a quick attacker who prevents healing on a single target. If every member of the Alliance puts H4H and Weapon X team in the defense, the enemy will not have enough Infinity Watch teams to break the defenses and there will be no fear of losing the entire Helicarrier. Additionally, if those targets are City Heroes, Vulture applies Offense Down for up to 2 turns. Nobus ultimate grants one or two Counters to all allies. This team is very dangerous for anyone on the opposite side and it is very popular amongst the players because it uses Heroes who are not assigned to other teams. Most importantly he heals all Pym Tech allies when some of them dodge meaning that they will be almost unkillable in Dark Dimension. Passive ability grants Doctor Doom summoning of one Doombot per turn: 2 or more Doombot allies grant Doctor Octopus Defense Up for 2 Turns3 or more Doombot allies grant Doctor Octopus Speed Up for 2 Turns4 or more Doombot allies grant Doctor Octopus Offense Up for 2 Turns. The only problem with Taskmaster is because he needs Killmonger in his team meaning that if you choose him instead of Korath (which is obviously a better option) as the fifth member of the Mercenary team you will not be able to assemble a full Wakandan team. Additionally, it applies Ability Block on all Villain Protectors and Disrupted on all enemy Protectors. Spending T4 on his passive should be your first priority! IF we talk about Iso-8 Class, Colleen can be developed in 2 directions depending on the classes of the rest of her Hero for Hire team. Ultron is one of the most important characters in Marvel Strike Force who will totally change your game-play. With the introduction of Elsa and Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch, Mordo, and Dr. Juggernauts ultimate delivers heavy damage on primary and all adjacent targets and its strength depends on the number of charges Juggernaut has. Passive ability changes Speed Bar for S.H.I.E.L.D. If the missing Sinister Six ally is already summoned Speed Bar of Doctor Octopus is filled by 100%. Also, he will be counter to any team with Loki and Hand Sentry because of his second skill. Her first skill inflicts medium damage to the single target and grants one charge to Storm. Then it chains to 2 adjacent targets ignoring Stealth and causing the same effects with slightly decreased damage (Counterattack breaks this chain). . Like other Kree minions, Kree Oracle is a little hard to get and his price is 45 shards obtainable only by premium orbs, raid orbs, raid supplies, and milestone orbs. Ravager Bruiser doesnt have a clean taunt ability, instead, he has a chance to taunt a target he attacks. In addition the Speed Bar of all targets is reduced by up to 20%. After the rework Scientist Supreme, Graviton, and A.I.M. War Machine is a mechanized soldier who helps Avengers with his guided missiles, cluster bombs, and auto-target minigun. frontline soldier, who holds the line with defensive tactics and counterattacks, Hero, Global, Skill, Blaster, S.H.I.E.L.D., Minion. Inhuman Protector who protects non-minion S.H.I.E.L.D. His first skill causes moderate damage against the single target and activates the weaker bonus attack. His second skill strikes the primary target 3 times inflicting medium damage (200% of his base attack on Skill Level 7) with each strike and grants 1 charge. Spider-Man is a vicious City Brawler with a high dodge rate who can chain his attacks and stun enemies. If that ally is Symbiote, it clears 1 negative effect from all other Symbiote allies with negative effects. Guardian of Soul Stone, Adam Warlock prevents his Infinity Watch allies positive effects from being cleared or flipped. In War Defense, if Shang Chi has 3 or more Heroes for Hire Allies he gains up to 2 Charged. Considering that Mercenary Riot Guard is a very useful protector, his price is low only 15 shards obtainable through blitz supplies, blitz orbs, milestone orbs, and premium orbs. His basic attacks are devastating and when he is in full Black Order team he can sustain more damage than any other Protector in the game. Obviously, she needs a Striker ISO-8 class to further increase his incredible damage output. Before the attack, Blob copies all buffs from Brotherhood allies. Passive ability grants her increased Speed Bar at the start of combat, up to 75% chance to place Evade on each X-Force ally on their turn, and increases Dodge Chance and Crit Damage for her and all X-Force allies. However, if you want to achieve the best offensive potential from X-Factor Heroes the best option would be to leave Silver Surfer in the team and replace Multiple Man with Kestrel. Vision provides 2 turns Defense Up for all members at the start of combat. A Sniveling sidekick, Toad manipulates enemy Status Effects while striking from behind his allies. His special ability assassinates the random Stealthed target and inflicts 50% additional damage per targets buff. If Shatterstar is an ally additional Bonus attack is made causing up to 210% damage. Her abilities are stronger in Radis. Like all other Hulks skills, his passive provides him with bonuses when he drops below 50% of Health he gains Speed Up and Deathproof. Passive Ability grants Silver Surfer Defense Up for 3 turns at the start of a battle and heals him for 5% of his Max Health on each turn (allys and the enemys alike). If she has 2 or more Shadowland allies, she flips up from 2 positive effects to negative on the primary target.

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